TOUCH Caregivers Support (TCG) supports caregivers by providing the following services:

- Care Line
- Care Management
- Caregiver Training
- Home Medical
- Home Nursing
- Home Rehabilitation
- Home Modification

Care Line @ 68046555
Our Care Line operates from Mondays to Fridays, 9am-5:00pm (except Public Holidays and eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year).

Negotiating through the myriad of health and social services to find an appropriate service can be perplexing and frustrating. Beyond information and referral service, our Care Coordinators strive to journey with caregivers to manage the multi-faceted care of the frail elderly and the well being of the caregivers.

Some questions you might have:
  • Can I provide care for my loved one by myself?
  • Is nursing home the best care option for my loved one?
  • How can my helper and/or I improve our skills in caring?
  • What are the services available for the frail elderly?
  • What are the support services available to the caregiver?
Please do not hesitate to call us - we would be glad to be of assistance to you!

Care Management
Care management allows holistic care and support to be provided to the frail elderly and his caregiver.

Facebook Support Group
Caregivers Support Group (Singapore) is set up for caregivers providing care for the elderly. The support group seeks to bring together a community of caregivers going through similar situations and facing the same sets of challenges. As a closed community, caregivers can share freely and find help and support for their challenges in safe environment. Simply click
, or search for Caregiver Support Group (Singapore) in your Facebook.

Caregiver Training
Caregiver training delivered in the home setting is customised to meet the unique needs of each caregiver, the care recipient and their care environment. Customised training equips caregivers with skills, knowledge and resources to care for your loved one more competently and confidently. Areas of training may include transfers, showering, feeding tube care and exercises. For more information, please click here.

Home Medical
Regular home visits are made by TCG’s doctors for review and management of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Management of acute conditions and prescription services are also available for registered clients.

Home Nursing
TCG’s nurses make home visits to help prevent complications and manage procedures related to wound, feeding tube and urine catheter, etc. As an integral part of our management of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension, regular home visits are also made by our nurses in support of our doctors.

Home Rehabilitation
TCG’s physiotherapists and occupational therapists design rehabilitative interventions at home for the elderly who experience physical and cognitive dysfunction caused by the aging process or medical conditions, like stroke and hip fracture. The aim is to restore, enhance or maintain functional ability so as to enable the individual to continue staying in his own home safely and be as independent as possible.

Home Modification
Making modifications to your home can make the home safer and caregiving easier for you and your care recipient. Our occupational therapist makes home visits to assess and make customised recommendations based on the caregiver’s needs, care recipient’s function and care environment. We can also assist you to follow-up with contractors. For more information, please click here.

*Occupational therapists are health professionals with expertise in areas including health care, ergonomics, body mechanics and assistive devices.

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