Victoria Joyce Pereira, who is caring for her mother with the help of her domestic helper, Criselda, from the Philippines

“Your encouragement and specific prompt corrections build up my new domestic helper's confidence as she progressed rapidly for someone who is learning all these confusing techniques the first time.”

– Serene

“As healthcare professionals, they have displayed high level of patience, responsibilities and great passion in their job. They have been a great help to our family and have provided valuable advice on how to ensure high level of safety in caring for my 99 year old grandmother. Their services have far exceeded what we had expected to gain from this caregiver training sessions.”

– Ms Tan Ling

“I have attended classroom based training before but felt that your home based training gave a more personal touch, and helped my maid to learn better. The training has exceeded my expectations.”

– Mdm Tay C H

“I do not know your training is so complete and holistic. I am only expecting basic skills like transfer and bed mobility technique to be taught. I am very pleased that the trainers even recommended home modification, appropriate equipment, vendor contacts and liaise with the vendor on my behalf.”

– Mr Mok

“I suffered from terrible backaches because I was caring for my husband from a mattress on the floor Ė I didnít want him to fall off the bed. Bathing him on my own was also a physical challenge. To add to all this, I had to cope with his uncooperativeness and couldnít sleep well. I was struggling. I am very grateful for the support provided by TOUCH. Now I feel a lot more confident in caring for my husband.”

– Mrs Abdullah, Homemaker and main caregiver

“TCG helped me to apply for the Caregivers Training Grant to offset the cost of the home-based training sessions. I found the training very useful as what they taught my maid and I were directly relevant to my husbandís needs. I was also able to clarify my doubts during the session on the spot. It was excellent; Iím glad to have found TCG.”

– Mrs Tan, Homemaker

“The training and support provided by TOUCH Caregivers Support has given Criselda and I more confidence in ensuring quality care for my mother, Bella. It warms my heart to see the smile on Bella’s face.”

– Ms Victoria Joyce Pereira, Civil Servant

“TOUCH Caregivers Support has given me the confidence to care for my mother-in-law at home.”
– Ms Lum, Café Owner

“I am glad to have found TOUCH Caregivers Support because they provide services which I’ve been looking for my Dad for a long time.”
– Mr Goh, Vice-President of a local bank

“TOUCH Caregivers Support helped me save $300 on the purchase of a hospital bed for my mother-in-law.”

– Mrs Wong, Homemaker

“I’m thankful for the support TOUCH Care has given us and my mother.”
– Mr Lek, Retiree


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